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Reduce or Eliminate High % Stop Late Fees Stop Collection Calls Lower Payment

“Your online system is a lifesaver. I consolidated my credit cards all by myself at 3am. With my crazy sched I couldn't call. Collection calls stopped & my % dropped from 24% to 6%. I'll be paid off in 3 years instead of 16, with a lower payment. Thank You SO SO MUCH!”
Julie B - Sarasota FL

The Steps

  • 1) Enter Income & Expenses
  • 3) Choose Payment Date
  • 5) Electronic Signature
  • 2) Enter Account Names & Balances
  • 4) Account Review
  • 6) Set Up Automatic Payment


“Your program has been
much more than...” [More]


Your program has been much more than I ever expected. My credit card companies have all sent me a letter telling me that i'm doing hte right thing and to keep up with my payments.

John A.
Altanta GA

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As a recent widow I needed help in paying off my credit accounts. This company, DelRayCC, has helped me tremendously and smoothly into taking over my accounts and paying them. I did not receive a threatening call from any creditor. Thank you DelRay for giving me peace of mind that my debts will be paid in less than two years.

Wanda B.

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I finally got the courage to get help when my debt went over 50,000 dollars and I lost my job! Diana helped me and assured me that this was the right decision although it was dificult letting those credit cards go. I feel free and like a huge weight has been lifted.

Linda R
Miami FL

For more testimonials, please visit DelrayCC.com

“As a recent widow I
needed help in...” [More]

“I finally got the courage
to get help...” [More]

Eligible Accounts

  • Unsecured Credit Cards
  • Unsecured Loans
  • Medical Debt
  • Collection Debt

Excluded Accounts

  • House Payments
  • Car Payments
  • Student Loans
  • Secured Debt
  • Credit Cards that have been open less than 6 months
  • Utility Bills

DMP Benefits

Debt management plan benefits vary from creditor to creditor. Once you are enrolled check your statements for exact benefits. Updates are usually reflected on statements within 45-60 days of enrollment.


Interest Rates - Interest rates are typically set between 6-9.9%. Some creditors will go to 0%; some are higher than 9.9%. Some creditors determine the rate on account history.

Late & Over-Limit Fees - Most creditors will stop late & over-limit fee's once enrolled in the DMP

Lower Monthly Payment - Most creditors lower the monthly payment in a DMP when compared to "standard monthly payment requirements"

Re-aging credit reports - Re-aging of credit reports is defined as bringing accounts that are showing delinquent up to date, showing current under on the credit report after 3rd consecutive on time payments. Not all creditors re-age accounts in the DMP

Note about DMP and credit scoring - consumers entering a DMP should be more concerned about getting the balances on enrolled accounts paid down then they are about their current credit score. YOU SHOULD NOT APPLY FOR ADDITIONAL CREDIT OR INCUR ADDITIONAL CREDIT CARD DEBT WHILE IN A DMP.


How does this debt consolidation service work?

The Debt Consolidation or Debt Management Plan (DMP) offered on this site is a Financial Product of most Banks and Finance Companies that is made available thru non-profit agencies like DCC. The program has been available since the 1950's.

Banks, Finance Companies & other Creditors, offering DMP determine the monthly payment and extend the benefits of the program. Benefits include interest rates being reduced or eliminated, late and over-limit fees stop, and collection calls stop. The Online Debt Consolidation system accurately calculates the payment requirement of over 10K creditors.

The most important benefit is the accelerated payoff component. A DMP is typically paid in full between 3-5 years as apposed to the 21 years it takes to pay off the average Credit Card. The accelerated payoff term is a result of two primary components of the DMP. First is the reduction or elimination of interest rates and fees. Second is that the payment remains the same throughout the program.

Can I go directly to my Credit Card Company for the program?

No. Banks and Finance companies offer the program thru approved non-profit agencies.

Why Do Banks Offer the Program?

The program was developed in the 1950's as a safe guard for consumers that are in a financial hardship helping them avoid bankruptcy.

Are There Rules or Qualifications to be accepted?

Yes, only people in a financial hardship should enroll. You may not make further charges on the accounts. You must include all your un-secured accounts with balances over $500. You may keep one card out for personal use. You should not apply for additional credit while in the program.

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